My Story


Hi, I am Holly and I'm a Registered Associate Nutritionist. I'm half British half German, currently spending more time in Germany than the UK.


Burnout. I had heard of the terminology before but had not thought about it deeply. In hindsight, I should have done. After school, I studied Hospitality Management and worked in the luxury hotel sector in the UK for around ten years. Multiple factors, including; continuous fast-paced work environments, long unsociable hours including night shifts and grabbing food on the go led me to have a dramatic burnout.


Symptoms of my burnout appeared overnight, although it was obviously creeping up on me. I recall seeing signs but had ignored them as I felt there was no time to look to them. People experience burnouts differently. In my case, I developed food allergies and intolerances to pretty much all foods. Long-term stress had destroyed all the good bacteria in my gut as well as my gut lining, leading to a so called 'leaky gut'. I was told this was the root cause of all my allergies and intolerances. For six months, I was mainly living off sweet potatoes. I could not even tolerate my daily cup of tea! I love my food, but overnight all of what I used to love I could no longer eat. I lost weight dramatically and felt distinctly unwell. I had so little energy that I had to take two years out to regain my strength and improve my health.  


Now, five years later, I am in a much better place. I went back to university as a mature student and completed a BSc in Nutrition with first class honours. I have a strong interest in the effect that foods have on our body and overall wellbeing, including; gut health, energy levels, cognitive function and mood. I am passionate about optimising people's diets to help them lose weight naturally (without restrictive eating or obsessive calorie counting) alongside improving their gut health. Looking after your gut health preventatively may reduce the risk of developing uncomfortable and complicated gut health issues later down the line!


A priority of mine is to continuously grow my CPD (continuing professional development) portfolio in order to provide up to date scientific and evidence based nutritional information. I do this through attending conferences and webinars and completing certificate/diploma courses. 



My Qualifications 


  • Bachelor of Science (BSc Honours) in Nutrition
  • Nutrition Consultant Certificate
  • The Gut-Brain Connection Certificate 
  • Clinical Weight Loss Coach Diploma

My Memberships 


  • Association for Nutrition, UK.
  • The Nutrition Society, UK. 


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